Electrospinning of dexamethasone/cyclodextrin inclusion comp

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Colloids Surf. B Biointerfaces: Electrostatic spinning of dexamethasone/cyclodextrin composite polymer fibers used in dental pulp therapy
DOI: 10.1016 / j.carol carroll olsurfb. 2020.111011
-cyclodextrin (-CD) is an oligosaccharide commonly used to improve the water solubility of liposophile drugs such as dexamethasone (DEX). This paper describes the development of a drug delivery system to provide continuous release of DEX by -CD-inclusion complex (IC) to enhance the mineralization capacity of stem cells extracted from decidus teeth (SHEDs) in humans as a potential direct pulp closure strategy. First, the IC (Dex-CD-IC) of DEX is synthesized from -CD. To confirm the formation of dEX-CD-IC complex, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis were performed. XRD data show that IC is formed due to the formation of new crystal structure, while FTIR shows that the peak displacement of each component in DEX-CD-IC reveals the existence of IC. Then, the electrospinning poly (lactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer, PLGA) fiber (PLGA/DEX-CD-IC) was processed by changing the concentration of DEX-CD-IC (5%, 10%, and 15%). Ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to determine the DEX release in the fibers within 28 days. Because IC enhances the solubility of DEX, electrospinning PLGA/DEX-CD-IC fibers release DEX in a more durable manner than PLGA/DEX fibers. Regardless of the presence or absence of IC, no harmful SHEDs were found when incubated with or on the electrospinning fibers. Importantly, as a result of continuous DEX release, electrospinning fibers loaded with a minimum DEX-CD-IC concentration (5%) stimulated more significant odontogenic differentiation. In conclusion, PLGA/DEX-CD-IC fibers have a broad application prospect in important pulp therapy due to their continuous DEX release, cellular compatibility and odontogenic differentiation ability.
Figure 1. (A) XRD patterns of the DEX, CD, and DEX/ -CD-ICS formed by freeze-drying (B) XRD patterns of the electrospinning fibers containing DEX or IC, indicating that the IC was successfully formed and the PLGA-DEX/ -CD-IC-MF was amorphous, similar to that of the PLGA fibers.
FIG. 2. FTIR spectra of (A) DEX, CD, and DEX/ -CD-IC indicate that characteristic peaks of DEX exist in IC. (B) FTIR spectra indicate the presence of IC and DEX in PLGA fibers.
Figure 3. SEM images of representative electrospinning nanofibers. Plga-mf, (B) PLGA/ Dex5%, (C) PLGA/ Dex10%, (D) PLGA/ Dex15%, (E) PLGa-DEX /IC5%, (F) PLGa-DEX /IC10%, (G) PLGA-DEX/IC10%, (G) PLGA-DEX/IC15% (×5,000 and ×10,000) and AFD
Figure 4.672 Release curves of THE DEX in plGA-DEX / -CD-IC (5% and 15%) and PLGA-DEX-MF (5% and 15%) nanofibers.
Figure 5. (A) Cell proliferation of PLGA-MF, PLGA-DEX/ -CD-IC (5% and 15%), and PLGa-DEX-MF (5% and 15%) at day 1, 3, and 5. (B) Inoculate SEM images of SHEDs of 20 m on the 3rd and 5th days at PLGADEX/CD-IC-MF (5%), PLGa-Dex-MF (5%), PLGa-DEX /CD-IC-MF (15%), PLGa-DEX-MF (15%) and PLGA-MF (15%).
Figure 6.ALP activity indicates early osteogenic differentiation of SHEDs at day 7 and 14.
FIG. 7. (A) Alizarin red staining Wells show the mineralization in the DEX induced SHEDs at day 14. (B) The quantitative results of alizarine red S staining show the effects of different concentrations of DEX released from PLGA-Dex-MF and matrix mineralization in the PLGA-DEX/CD-IC-MF induced SHEDs.
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